Services & Requests

Services We Offer

  • Conscious and reliable care for your home, plants and pets.

  • Adherence to the specifics of home care tasks and chores.

  • Walking, feeding, and special care for your furry friends and/or farm animals.

  • Loads of love and affection showered on your pets and plants.

  • Additional projects or other chores above and beyond normal house care responsibilities are up for negotiation, with additional fees that can be discussed as needed.

  • Communication and check-ins to update you on your house and pets. Or..not! If you'd like to leave it all behind, you won't hear a peep from us, unless it's an emergency.

Requests We Have

  • Reliable WIFI access (we work remotely during our stay).

  • Clear delineation of responsibilities and time commitment for our stay.

  • A plan of how you'd like us to handle anything unexpected - such as people to call, procedures, etc.

AJ and Julie Baron

Movement is life for us. We seek out how to move through places we visit on foot, two wheels, or a board on water.