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Sans gluten à Paris

By: AJ

Ahhhhh, France. The land of corner stores that actually have supplies you need in them, of public transportation that actually takes you places, and the place where people walk around munching on baguettes seemingly any time of the day. And, then, there's Paris. The land of finding nearly everything that is trés French. For us, that means excellent food that also happens to be gluten-free!

Little Nonna

Although the menu is small, the mouthwatering choices bind the mind in a tug of war between previously forbidden and the desire of the palette. When you have an intolerance to gluten, going to a 100% gluten-free restaurant is the Disneyland of food experience. At

Little Nonna café in Paris, they pull out all the stops. It's authentic, organic, and has the Italian grandmother's seal of approval. Do I have one of the show-stopping pizzas? The plat du jour? A gorgeous salad and split a charcuterie board (because how often do you get fresh GF bread made in house)? A traditional fusilli pasta dish with tomato sauce?

Bottom line, there is no wrong choice at Little Nonna. The highlight for us was the wood-fired pizza crust that was the perfect combination of chewy and crisp. Nowhere have we had a pizza crust that is in the same league as this one. Your gluten-loving friends would never know the difference! Finishing with a pistachio tiramisu and espresso was the perfect end note.

Chambelland Boulangerie & Patisserie

This completely gluten-free gem is the go-to spot to pick up your daily bread or the something for that summer picnic in the park. You can also sit down and enjoy a meal, complete with an espresso beverage or premium tea.

My favorite here was the 5 seed baguette, perfect with butter or jam. In addition to various bread options, there are other savory options like an onion, fig and cheese tart with a fresh side salad. For sweet treats, you'll find many classics featured at patisseries around Paris, including palmiers, meringue tarts, and, cream-filled puff pastry.

Note: there are also dairy-free options available!

Helmut Newcake Patisserie

Helmut Newcake Patisseries , both Helmut Newcake Madeleine and Helmut Newcake Saint Honoré, are 100% gluten-free establishments in Paris. Helmut Newcake Madeleine has a daily plat du jour that is offered at lunch time for those looking for a complete meal, in house or to go. We popped into the small Saint Honoré location to see what treats could be had on a lazy weekday afternoon. While all are gluten-free, they even go as far as to offer a couple of dairy-free options as well. Their focus is definitely more on the sweet rather than the savory. We enjoyed a decadent chocolate eclair before meandering to the nearby carnival park for a ride on the water log flume.

Gluten-Free Provisions

When it comes to grabbing groceries, there are plenty of options. Labeling is generally clear on products. Look for the word 'blé' (wheat), which should be in bold on product labels, like other major allergens. Many small shops will have 1 or 2 packaged gluten-free breads, and rice or corn cakes for a flat bread option. Health food (bio stores) will generally have a more interesting collection of gluten-free products. Check out Naturalia or Bio c' Bon stores that have multiple locations around Paris. Both chains also have a moderate to large selection of natural care products in addition to grocery items. Biocoop is another an excellent choice for foodstuffs. More and more traditional bakeries are offering gluten-free options, for those who don't have Celiac and can tolerate trace amounts of gluten. Hooray for more options!

Whether you've decided to sit down and eat, or grab supplies for a picnic, a trip to Bois de Boulogne should be on your list. This forest park near the 16th arrondissement is just the taste of nature you need to escape the craziness of the city. You can roll through on a bike, take a walk, or even row, row, row your boat on a little pond. The Pavillon Royal is a good landmark to get you to the pond. In a shady nook looking over the water, we enjoyed a couple of ginger beers and some snacks.

Paris at Night

Just a little something to inspire you to rents bicycles and check out the sights at night. Less people, more romantic, and trés beautiful.

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