• Baronesses

Celebration, New Beginnings

Out of the clinic, into the world. What will these acupuncturists do with their freedom?

Queens Bath in Kauai. This is marital bliss.

In April 2019, Julie and I will be completing our time as clinicians in the realm of acupuncture and complimentary care medicine in Walla Walla. We have been so grateful for the past two years of wonderful patients, co-workers and friends.

As we look to discover what's ahead, we are headed overseas to house and pet sit as a lifestyle, while working remotely.

We will be keeping a blog to update friends and family about our travels. Keep an eye out for lots of good stories starting May 2019!

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AJ and Julie Baron

Movement is life for us. We seek out how to move through places we visit on foot, two wheels, or a board on water.