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A Zip Through Zagreb

By: AJ

When we first met Zagreb we were awkwardly jogging, as only two people loaded up like yaks with luggage can, from the bus station to the train station. We gave the streets our sweat and a sprinkle of dirt from Slovenia.

On our second date with Zagreb, we enjoyed the Saturday markets, a vegan festival, and some gluten free pho.

The last time we met Zagreb, we bought shoes. My Xero shoes had just fallen apart, like a rose-less runner-up in the Bachelor.

These is our zip through Zagreb, a combined 24 hours in this city of grey and graffiti.

Through the tunnels (see picture on the left of this sequence) that were built during war time, you can pop out into various nooks of the city. We found ourselves in a little art park. Tagging is quite prolific here, but you can also find some cool graffiti art.

We researched and found our best Celiac-friendly lunch option of 50 A Burger and Champagne Bar.. We enjoyed some of the best pho soup in recent memory, albeit not traditional by Vietnamese standards. The bone broth was concocted over 15 hours, and was accompanied by a lovely mix of perfectly cooked thin slices of beef, vegetables, herbs, and rice noodles. It was spicy and succulent, with just the right amount of citrus acidity to cut through the richness of the broth. They know you'll like it so much, they include a giant spoon in which to shovel goodness into a grateful mouth.

Look at that spoon compared to my face!

The excitement of finding GF asian food is real.

Togarashi fries and champagne? Yes. It works.

After a satisfying lunch, we wandered further, stumbling upon this talented street musician. He produces some sweet beats with a collection of kitchen items.

The city does not seem to lend itself well to cycling, although there are plenty of sidewalk cyclists testing this theory. I recommend walking, and of course, running up every staircase you find!

The sights of the Saturday market.

Notice how the spire on the right was being cleaned, so they covered the work area with a picture of what it would look like if it wasn't being cleaned. So clever!

And our zip through Zagreb is complete.

AJ and Julie Baron

Movement is life for us. We seek out how to move through places we visit on foot, two wheels, or a board on water.